LinuxConsole is primarly designed to turn old and semi-old computers into game console center.
The LXDE desktop includes some utilities, scripts to easy install (Firefox 34, flash player, and Google chrome), and system-management functions (like installing printers).As a bonus, a lightweight package manager called opkg-gui allows you to install and run stable source-packages to fill out the basis live CD with the last released soft (and non-cut dependances). Several categories are concerned :

  • games
  • office
  • system
  • education

According to the goal of old computers revival and stimulation, this distribution works well on old and mid-old computers with low ressources (down to 256 MB RAM) : fast boot; runs on old and new video cards (Intel, NVIDIA, ATI); can be turned into live USB; can be installed as a dual-boot system with Windows.

LinuxConsole 2.3 Features

  • Locale support for English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Breton
  • Kernel 3.14.26 (x86)
  • x86_64 ISO is only available in “beta” release (missing multilib support)
  • Xorg 1.16.2
  • Mesa 10.2.9
  • full package list
  • Games
  • Optional packages that you can install from network or disk
  • apt-get install wrapper, LinuxConsole is binary compatible with many debian packages


(md5sum : 7e6cb38f89cf955911a631eb2eac8fb0) to burn it or transfer into liveUSB with Unetbootin

Metallic black glossy icon

Run it, after installing, just reboot and select LinuxConsole when you are asked for choice

This is recommended for people that doesn’t know how boot liveCD, and create partitions


You can use it, if you want to install LinuxConsole without booting CD, or if your computer doesn’t have hard disk