To use LinuxConsole, you will need a PC


You CPU should be PAE compliant for LinuxConsole 2.4

If you have errors with no-PAE CPU, you can try LinuxConsole 2.3 no-PAE


Those values are for liveCD usage (without swap),  with hard disk install and swap enabled, performances should be better

  • 128 Mo de RAM for basic usage (gparted)
  • 512 Mo de RAM to browse internet
  • 1Go de RAM to play SupertuxKart

32 or 64 bits ?

It is recommended to use 32 bits release, if you neeed Skype or Steam (LinuxConsole is not multilib compliant).

The 64 bits release is released as Beta.

Instal LinuxConsole

There are many ways to install LinuxConsole : For beginners the better choice is Windows installer, If you want to try LinuxConsole with booting USB key,you can try unetbootin, and if you ever install a linux distro, you should burn CD or DVD

  • Windows Installer

Download and start : http://jukebox.linuxconsole.org/linuxconsole/wubi/linuxconsole.exe

  • LiveUSB

Download unetbootin  or Rufus

Download 32 or 64 bits ISO, plug USB key and start unetbootin

WARNING : Your usb key must be formated into FAT32 !

  • Burn ISO

Download 32 or 64 bits ISO, burn that ISO with, for example http://sourceforge.net/projects/infrarecorder (for Windows)


  • After using Windows installer

After rebooting , you can select Windows (by défaut) or LinuxConsole, select LinuxConsole by pressing “down” key then “Enter”

  • LiveUSB

To start in  liveUSB mode, you maybe need to press F12 key at startup,  then select “USB Disk”

  • LiveCD

To start in  liveUSB mode, you maybe need to press F12 key at startup,  then select “Boot from CDROM”

Network setup

  • WIFI

To entrer  wifi key,  just click on  “network” icon on the bottom right from desktop

Add a user

Click on “Preferences” menu then “Add  a user”

Installer third parity software

Click on “Lutris” icon at desktop

Install opkg packages

Click on menu “Internet -> Add software” then on orange icon (update). Select your application, then click on green icon (Apply) to start install

Install LinuxConsole on empty disk

  • Click on menu “Install to hard disk” from desktop
  • Create partition table
  • Create an ext4 partition named “linuxconsole”, and, if needed, some swap