LinuxConsole 2022 RC-1 is available for download, both for 32 and 64 bits PC, with many locales : English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polska, Czech, Chinese, Russian, Breton and Quebec

This release comes 3 years after the last one (LinuxConsole 2019)


This release is ready for download, as ISO files, that can be used with liveUSB/LiveDVD, and also can be installed on hard disk. The goal of this Distribution, which is build on YDFS 2.9, is to be fast to start, with all most useful software ready to use. The first goal was to run like a game console.

There is no more python2, only Python3 is available. With this release you can play games inside the ISO, but also launch Steam client, then install and run install commercial and free games.

Recent kernel are running the system, 5.15.63 for 64 bit ISO, and 5.4.202 for the 32 bits one.

Both ISO comes with Mate desktop 1.26, but it will be possible to use other desktop (like lxqt or pantheon), by installing them as modules.

All “must have” Linux applications are ready to use :


  • LibreOffice (
  • VLC (
  • Chromium
  • Gimp
  • Lmms
  • Audacity

OpenVPN and other VPN connections can be used, NetworkManager-openvpn and NetworkManager-pptp have been added. Freerdp-2.2 is also now available, to be able to connect Remote Desktop Windows clients.


Some great games can be launched :

  • Westnoth
  • Xmoto
  • Gcompis
  • Extreme tux racer
  • Astromenace
  • Supertuxkart
  • Minetest
  • Bzflag
  • Hedgewars
  • Frozen Bubble

Steam client can also be launched, but you will need to create a system user account, to not be root.

Download (torrent) 64 Bits ISO

Download (torrent) 32 Bits ISO

Software available

The complete list of libraries for both 32 and 64 bits is listed at packages/list-x86 .

LinuxConsole 2022 comes with Chromium 105.0.5195.52 as default web browser, but an automatic link is available to download and install the latest Firefox release.

Wine 7.6 is ready to use, then you can install and run Microsoft exe files, if you need.

Installing LinuxConsole 2022 to LiveUSB

The ISO are “hybrid”, and then you can install it with Ventoy or Etcher.

You can also install it with software like unetbootin or rufus (this last one can write on legacy or hybrid mode)

Once the LiveUSB ready, you can try it, and if your are interested with some kind of software, you can download optional modules (squashfs files) and install them in the “modules” folder, on USB key and enjoy with the modular concept.

Installing LinuxConsole 2022 on a hard drive

1 – Dual boot with Windows XP

To make a dual boot, for Windows XP (on old computers !) , sometimes it works also with Windows 7, you just have to download and run the installer, it is a Wubi fork.

2 – Installing LinuxConsole 2022 on an empty hard disk

Note : If the hard disk is not empty, you can use “gparted” tool in liveUSB/Live CD mode, to delete the partitions