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Install all packages

You can run this script, to install all LinuxConsole packages wget sh update-all

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Fix availaible for minetest (x86_64)

Minetest doesn’t start inside LinuxConsole 2.5 (64 bits) You have to Install mintest package to fix it

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New mate applet : volume control

Install “mate-media” package, logout, login into mate desktop, you will find this new applet

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Update LinuxConsole from 2.4 to 2.5

from linuxconsole 2.4 (as root) wget sh reboot from linuxconsole 2.5 cp /media/linuxconsole/root/etc/shadow /etc cp /media/linuxconsole/root/etc/group /etc cp /media/linuxconsole/root/etc/passwd /etc cp -fR /media/linuxconsole/root/usr/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/* /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ reboot Done !

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New : update flash player from user

Update flash package, and you could have un “up to date” flash plugin for Firefox, without updating flash package from root

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New : view you network shares

By updating gvfs :

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LinuxConsole 2.4 installed near Windows 10

IE11 - Win10

Il could be possible to install LinuxConsole within Windows 10. Here is a scrennshot (Windows 10 – Internet Explorer 11) from virtualbox

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Stellarium and QT5 available


QT5.4.2 has been build as package. Stellarium is using it

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New packages : Danger deep, Celestia, Xmoto

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New packages : Scratch, Audacity and Hydrogen


Scratch : Learn coding Audacity : Audio recorder Hydrogen : Drums You can install them with opkg-gui

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