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Install teamviewer

As root, run : /ydfs/add/software teamviewer Then you can use it (if you are root or not)

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Running Scratch

To Run scrach, download scratch 1.4 and install it (with wine) Then, have fun ! Note : You can delete shortcut from desktop, it doesn’t works, run Scratch from “Other” menu

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Install Mame

As root : opkg-cl install mame Then run mame with : /home/linuxconsole2018/opkg/share/mame/mame

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Install dosbox

You can install Dosbox, then running DOS games as root, run : opkg-cl install dosbox You can see : Installing dosbox (0.74) to root… Downloading now Configuring dosbox. Note: to fix some game crash, edit $HOME/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf and remplace “core=auto”

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Fix running games with some ATI video cards

You can’t start running games, and you have a ATI video card ? Run “glxgears”, if it crashes, then create this file (ex ati-dri2.conf) inside /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ Section “Device”     Option “DRI3” “False”     Identifier “Card0”     Driver “radeon” # BusID

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Clear wine

You have installed a lot of Windows software, and now you want to delete them ? Then, you can can remove those folders : $HOME/.wine $HOME/.local/share/applications

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Running Cuphead

Cuphead is working fine with LinuxConsole 2018 (Tested with 6GB Ram) You can buy it from Gog, install it from Windows installer, then run it !

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Add Italian keyboard layout

On LinuxConsole 2.5, Italian keyboard is not available, follow this to fix it : Note : To test accented characters, please run leafpad instead of terminal

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Burn mp3 to CD

ls *.mp3| while read file do mpg123 -w “$file.wav” “$file” || exit $? done wodim -v -dev=/dev/sr0 -pad -dao -audio *.wav || exit $? rm *.wav

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Copy CD Audio

cdparanoia -B -p wodim -v -dev=/dev/sr0 -dao -audio *.raw rm *.raw

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